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The WHO has recognised the value of this tool and the WHO has recently launched The Global database on the Implementation of Nutrition Action (GINA) is an interactive platform for sharing standardized information on nutrition polocies and actions, i.e. what are the commitments made and who is doing what, where,why and how (including lessons learnt).It includes WBTi in list of partners and data source.


Global World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative (WBTi) Review Workshop
9-11 October 2013, New Delhi India

Global World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative (WBTi) Review Workshop


WBTi Assessment Documents

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The Status of policy and programes on infant and young child feeding in 40 countries . Download

The  World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative (WBT i ) has been launched effectively in 83 Countries beginning in  2008 to 2014,   from all regions,   the Arab world, Asia, Africa, Afrique (Francophone region) , Latin America Oceania.
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Partners list of 51 Countries, completed their WBTi assessment
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Colour rating system initiates action, and does not undermine it!
The initiative does not intend to undermine the efforts made by the countries, rather it aims at stimulating action on critical areas to support effective implementation of the Global Strategy. We believe that, when individuals or nations look closely at their own data, it is likely to stimulate corrective measures among them.

 What leaders of the breastfeeding movement have to say about WBTi

“This is an exciting initiative and will be are excellent addition to breastfeeding promotion, protection and support”. -- Hedy Nuriel, Executive Director, La Leache League International (LLLI)

All Countries Join IN!

You Can Join in! In case you feel interested in starting a process of assessment and solutions for your country,IBFAN Asia would be delighted to assist.Kindly write to us at

Status of WBTi 83 Countries ( 2008-2014)
  WBTi National Assessment Completed     WBTi Training done & National process on


State of Breastfeeding in 51 Countries : IYCF Policies and Programs
Measured on a Scale of 100 ( 2008-2012)


91 – 100
61 – 90
31 - 60
0 - 30

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