The State of Breastfeeding in 33 Countries - 2010
33 Country Report Released    

The 33 country report presents findings in 10 areas of action as stated is the WHO's Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding . These 10 areas form the core indicators of this programme-World Breastfeeding Trends initiative (WBT i ) –a tool for action , and central component of the global Breastfeeding Initiative for Child Survival (gBICS), which is-a Joint IBFAN-WABA initiative launched in 2009.

The UN Secretary General's recently launched “ Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health”– having an output that in 2015 alone, 21.9 million more infants would be exclusively breastfed for first six months. The report provides answers on how to do it as it shows the gaps in policy and programmes that support women. Bridging these gaps is essential to enhance the number of exclusively breastfed infants. Such on action would also help to increase the intervention coverage of feeding indicators in the “Countdown to 2015, Maternal New born and Child Survival report”

WBT i is a helpful tool for action and future work at national level. More countries are likely to join as others repeat assessments to study trends.


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Anwar Fazal, Arun Gupta, Raj Anand, and Sarah Amin, at the release of “The State of Breastfeeding in 33 Countries: 2010, Tracking Infant and Young Child Feeding Polices and Programmes Worldwide” Report
Global Launch of WBT i 33 Country Report on Infant Feeding
India : 22nd December 2010
Speech of Norwegian Ambassador to India Ann Ollestad   NewX - Coverage : Only 30% infants get mother's milk
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Deccan Herald  Report Examines Infant, Child Feeding Practices In 33 Countries The Medical News




Vietnam : 20 December 2010
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Sri Lanka : 16 December
Launching in 4 countries of Latin America in December 2010
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  • Colombia
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Argentina


State of Breastfeeding in 33 Countries : Policies and Programs Measured On a Scale of 100.
State of Breastfeeding in 33 Countries : IYCF Practices Measured on a Scale of 50
State of Practices & Policies and Programmes on IYCF in 33 countries on a Scale of 150
Ranking and Color-coding of WBTi Countries
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10 Indicators of policies and programmes of 33 countries
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Detailed Report of 33 countries
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