Assessment Process


WBTi works in two phases. 

  • Phase 1 of national assessment 
  • Phase 2 of making it universally accessible through WBTi web portal.

Phase 1 involves initiating a national assessment through coordinating a core group and local partners working together. They identify gaps in policies and programmes and stimulate action to bridge them. Documentation of gaps in existing practices, policies, and programmes takes place. The WBT thus helps in establishment of a practical baseline, demonstrating to programme planners and policy makers where improvements are needed to meet the aims and objectives of the Global Strategy. The core group helps facilitate debates and discussions around this area to a larger audience locally. It assists in formulating plans of action that are effective in improving infant and young child policies and allocation of resources. Such actions are likely to change feeding practices for positive.

Phase 2 involves each country’s results are publicly displayed on the WBT website, providing further impetus to government leaders to act decisively. WBT findings of phase 1 are fed into the web-based toolkit to provide color coding and scoring, based on IBFAN Asia’s Guidelines for WBTi thus building some healthy competition among the countries in the region or among regions. The web tool has the capacity to generate visual maps or graphic charts to assist in developing reports for advocacy at all levels e.g. national, regional and international.


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