Licda Ana Josefa Blanco Noyola
Executive Director, CALMA,
El Salvador
Dr. Mona Alsumaie
Ministry of Health, Kuwait
Amura, Costa Rica Yndira, Dominican Republic

“WBTi helped make headway in the area of policy implementation. Strong advocacy led to incorporation of infant and young child feeding during the development of national policies including the National Nutrition Policy 2010, 2020, the National Health Policy 2012 2020, the Early Childhood Policy and the Women’s Act 2010…” 

Malang N. Fofana
Programme Manager, National Nutrition Agency (NaNA), The Gambia

“WBTi got some major changes in Vietnam policy in maternity protection; paid maternity leave for 6 months to government and private sectors…”
Dr. Quan Le Nga, Country Coordinator, Vietnam

“…Advocacy based on first WBTi assessment led Ministry of Health take action on child feeding in emergencies and developed strategy on “IYCF in exceptionally difficult circumstances”. “The reassessment led to development of separate National IYCF strategy with more budget allocated per year by the Ministry of Health.” …
Mongolian Pediatric Society & R. Galbadrakh, National Centre of MCH

“…Advocacy efforts using WBTi helped to strengthen and extend maternity protection resulted in adopting in 2015 a new Civil Service law and all women are new entitled to a 4-month maternity leave instead of the previous 3 months.”
Dr. Ghada Sayed, Regional Coordinator, IBFAN Arab World

…“WBTi advocacy led to development of the national programme of Baby Friendly Hospital reassessment (2014-2015) by the National Health and Family Plan Committee with local health authorities, to evaluate the performance of the health system and to refresh health workers’ knowledge on breastfeeding.”
Shuyi Zhang
Country Coordinator, China Assistant Professor in Child Healt,
Capital Institute of Pediatrics, China

“WBTi has shown progressive trend over the four assessments conducted by nutrition team at Ministry of Health. There have been specific achievements due to WBTi recommendations like development of IYCF policy and strategy approved by Ministry of Public Health, Government of Afghanistan..”
Dr. Mohammad Hamayoun Ludin, Director of Public Nutrition Department, Ministry of Public Health, Afghanistan

“The government officially adopted a national IYCF policy after the first WBTi assessment. Besides a National Plan of Action has been developed with the policy and a National Breastfeeding Committee was formed in order to have a regular monitoring on this matter…”
Dr. S.K.Roy, Country Coordinator, Bangladesh

“…WBTi systematization has specially provoked the sensitization of authorities and the need for a specific and comprehensive approach to promote breastfeeding…”
Florencia Cerruti and Carolina de Leon
RUANDI-National Network for the Support of the
Infant Nutrition and Development, Uruguay

…“The WBTi process is an excellent tool that would serve creating visibility for these issues and increasing the attention to the progress in implementation of the Global Strategy for infant and young child feeding and the Sustained Developmental Goals in Kuwait and globally…”
Mona Alsumaie
Breastfeeding Promotion and BFHI Implementation Coordinator,
Community Nutrition Promotion Department, MOH, Kuwait

“WBTi assessments have contributed to the strengthening and implementation of many policies like development and implementation of plan of IYCF scaleup at the national level; revival of the code review process…”
Edouard Zerbo, Regional Coordinator, Afrique

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